Edison Garett

Edison Garett

Cute as can be, Edison Garett is one of the sexiest shy guys I've ever met. But don't be fooled, he's not shy once the camera starts rolling. A true exhibitionist, his inhibitions disappear between the sheets and he transforms into an honest to goodness sex machine.

Travis Kolten

Travis Kolten

We definitely ordered this tall drink of water with a side of DILF. Country boy turned handsome daddy, Travis is as good natured as he is good looking. Hairy and hung, his thick cock is made to top younger hole and he reigns supreme.


Travis Tops Edison Raw 2

Daddy Travis and baby boy Edison are back for another bareback boning, this time sans van. Snuggled up on the sofa for a furry, familial reunion, this hot dad / son duo spared no seconds stripping each other and worshipping hairy pits and chests and bearded mugs. Travis covered his boy in tender kisses then rolled him over to taste that delicious little hole. He buried his face between his cheeks and licked to his content, making Edison whimper in delight.

Next, Travis slid his jeans off to reveal his fat dad dick, chubbing up at just a look from his boy. Edison gobbled that girthy rod down and slobbered happily on it, like the drooling dick-dumb son he was. Travis fed him plenty of cock and coached him on exactly how he liked to get sucked. He rewarded him with wet, sloppy, sweet kisses, their lips and tongues smacking together seductively. I climbed underneath to see a scintillating view of Edison nursing on Travis’ hung schlong. Fuck, could he work that dad dong! Travis scratched his son’s scruff and told him what a good boy he was. Their connection and bond is unlike any other I’ve seen. Wildly meant for each other from the moment they first met.

Strands of spit trailed from Edison’s lips to Travis’ super thick and veiny shaft. He blew him with the expertise only a son can service his father with. So fucking sultry. Their kisses so full of passion. Travis returned the oral favor by licking his son’s uncut prick, then moved right back to rimming his perfect hole. His wet, talented tongue readied the youngster for the ride he was about to give him.

Travis lined up his cock against Edison’s entrance and slowly slid it inside. He parked it there for a moment to let his boy get reacquainted with the size and once Edison had opened up to him, he began raw fucking with ease and expertise. That behemoth boner looked like it filled up Edison’s entire tiny frame. He took it like a champ, though, and really got engaged with the sex. His curly ass hair clung to Travis’ cock as he fucked in and out of him. So fucking hot.

A good dad keeps his dick lubed with SPUNK so the sex is easy for his son. Edison winked his fuzzy hole at Travis as he applied lubrication, and then got filled again with giant hard cock. From doggie to missionary to side, Travis railed Edison bareback with precision and purpose. He worked both their loads up in those tasty balls and it was time to spill some seed with dad and son.

Legs in the air, Edison gave his ass to Travis. As dad pounded away at his boy’s pretty little prostate, Edison shot his sperm hands free, his super power talent. Travis pulled out of that precious pucker and plastered his boy with daddy’s cum. He nutted on top of Edison’s load, mixing their babies together to make future generations of horny dads and lads. They kissed again and embraced, completely in cum heaven. What a reunion, guys! And what a sexy sequel!

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