Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.

Travis Kolten

Travis Kolten

We definitely ordered this tall drink of water with a side of DILF. Country boy turned handsome daddy, Travis is as good natured as he is good looking. Hairy and hung, his thick cock is made to top younger hole and he reigns supreme.


Travis Tops Lance Raw

Lance has a van. He converted it to a home on wheels and cruises the country in it. Travis is a buddy of his he picked up along the way and invited to film. What a find! Travis is exactly right for GuyBone. Furry, fun, and hung! His DILF dick is incredible and Lance couldn't wait to get his mouth on it. So while they were out for a joyride, he leaned over and went to work giving Travis some stellar road head. He double fisted it and jerked, marveling at its mammoth size. After a little preview, they both knew they needed to pull off the road and focus more on fucking than driving.

They found a scenic turnout and parked, Travis offering his steel shaft to Lance's eager mouth once more. Lance did not hesitate to orally satisfy his hung bud. Travis did not hesitate to praise him on the great work he was doing. They revved each other's engines with sexy dialogue and sucking. Travis rubbed Lance's bushy beard and drove him wild. Lance slapped Travis' hefty hard-on around and felt up his furry body. After some scintillating smooching, the pair knew they had to move to the back of the van for some bareback fucking.

Lance cracked open the rear van doors and revealed the splendor of the drained reservoir they'd parked at. What a view for a raw fuck. The guys resumed their make out session and started stripping each other down. Jockstraps tucked under big balls, the guys let their cocks rub together. Gotta love a hot frot. Travis got intoxicated on Lance's ripe, masculine pits, his dick immediately standing at attention for his younger costar to swallow. He pulled his shirt off and got comfy on the couch as Lance continued wetting his rod for the ride.

Lance's tight, furry ass was beyond ready to take Travis' thick dick. He backed up on it slowly, letting inch by inch enter his hole deep. Once he knew it fit, he turned and climbed on top of Travis' lap to ride him proper. The hottest moments were when that fat cock flopped out of Lance's hole and had to be tucked back in. Seeing reentry was so sexy. That big, slick fuck stick slid into his ass perfectly. Hell, that hungry ass devoured that long dong. Ate it right up! Travis held Lance's beautiful butt cheeks open to show off their sex. He pounded him full of dad shaft and they both moaned in delight.

Lance bent over in doggie so Travis could rail his hole from behind. Adventure sex at its best, these two made the van work for them. Lance did such a great job designing it, it had so much space to play in. We loved filming in it so much, we returned for TRAVIS TOPS EDISON RAW, introducing our new favorite farmhand to the son he never knew he had.

Travis opened that hairy ass up with his huge, hard cock. He slammed it into Lance, making him whimper in pleasure. Their skin smacked together in the most harmonious way and before long, Travis was ready to bust. He pulled out and painted Lance's used hole with his spunk. His cum dribbled down Lance's taint as he pushed his cock back inside to breed his boy. Lance jerked off and gave Travis a hot facial, shooting sperm across that handsome daddy mug to his hairline, down his eye and nose, finishing with drops on his lips and chin. What a couple of cumshots! Travis tasted Lance's nut while Lance got out some sex shakes and groans. Then they decided they both had to take a post-sex piss.

After tossing on some clothes in case a passerby saw, they headed down the hill and whipped their willies out. They released their flow at the same time, standing shoulder to shoulder and leg to leg as they took a mighty leak. They crossed their streams and Travis had Lance shake his off when they'd finished. They wrapped up with a cute kiss and we all knew this scene had turned out utterly VANtastic!

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