Robin Pierce

Robin Pierce

Look no further for that shy, sexy gaymer next door! Robin Pierce is the perfect lean, furry otter for your playtime fun. Hairy from head to toe (check out those bushy pits), his dark body fuzz against pale skin is as gorgeous as his sweet smile.

Travis Kolten

Travis Kolten

We definitely ordered this tall drink of water with a side of DILF. Country boy turned handsome daddy, Travis is as good natured as he is good looking. Hairy and hung, his thick cock is made to top younger hole and he reigns supreme.


Travis Tops Robin Raw

Daddy Travis and Boy Robin settled in on the sun drenched bed for some smoldering smooches and body stroking. The fur came out and the kissing kept coming. This dad/son duo was so perfectly matched. Travis worshipped Robin’s extremely bushy pits before pulling his shirt off and nibbling his nipples. Robin returned the favor when Travis tossed his own shirt aside revealing that delicious dad bod. Robin rubbed his face all over that hairy chest and then undid Travis’ fly, releasing his big, hardening cock to get some fresh air. There was no keeping his lips off that dick as he tasted and tongued the shaft and swallowed the head. Veins throbbed as Travis became fully erect in Robin’s mouth.

More than a handful, more than a mouthful, Travis’ fat dad dick filled Robin’s throat as the boy did his absolute best to please his partner. Skilled oral service was the name of the game as they slid into a sultry 69 so Travis could rim Robin’s furry hole while receiving head. Wow, did they look divine in their 69. Travis munched on Robin’s hairy hole while his boy bent over and blew his big bone. They moaned and groaned their excitement, turning each other on to the max.

Travis hugged Robin’s hips and brought his ass closer to his hungry lips. Robin opened his throat and devoured Travis’ behemoth boner. They were in love with each other’s bodies and making them feel incredible. The next logical step in feeling incredible was getting that raging erection inside that wet hole. After easing the head in slowly, Travis got Robin’s ass accustomed to his thick shaft and started sexing him raw. Their bodies fit together perfectly and the talented top picked up speed, screwing his son successfully.

They locked lips as they fucked, as romantic and passionate as it was downright titillating. Robin couldn’t get enough of his dad’s dick slamming into him with paternal precision. Their bodies created a bond, Travis’ dick firmly planted in Robin’s garden. Daddy leaned back and drilled his boy in an open position so everyone could see the penetration. Fuck, what a view! It was enough to drive them both to climax and Travis pulled out and painted his son’s pucker with pure white cum. He pushed his bareback prick back inside the boy and bred him the rest of the way. Robin was in heaven. Feeling Travis’ seed deep in his gut threw him into orgasm. He jerked his long cock, spraying pre cum everywhere before finally shooting his load, sperming all over his stomach and pubes.

They kissed and cuddled, congratulating each other on one helluva scintillating scene. You’re no doubt going to love getting off to it as much as they did creating it.

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