Trent Matthews

Trent Matthews

Trent is a good ole Southern boy with a drawl as sexy as his body and as thick as his dick. That steely face will charm your pants right off and then Trent will have his way with you, whether it's bending you over and fucking you or giving his bubble butt up to you generously. A pure gentleman and funny as hell, this guy next door has a heart as big and beefy as his legs!


Trent's Solo

Here's the man of the hour. The stud every guy has been waiting to watch. Trent Matthews came to film with us and we couldn't believe the explosion of attention he created, both in person when he GoGo danced at Trousers Down AND on social media like Twitter and Facebook. This guy is on fire and we couldn't be happier to be his debut site. To top off the sexiness he exudes with every breath, Trent is an honest to God nice guy. This one's a keeper, gents. And a total catch you could take home to mama.

I knew I had to do something special for Trent's solo. Hell, all of his scenes, for that matter. People would be expecting something more than our standard setup when they came to watch him. So for his solo, I asked him if he wanted to jerk off in public, in the backseat of my car. He was apprehensive, but on board. He'd never gotten off in a public setting before and was unsure how his dick would react. Worry not, Trent's dick loved filming outside, in public, where it's risky and we could potentially be caught.

He got comfy in the backseat and watched some porn on his phone. Couple seconds in and I could already see his thick dick swelling inside those jeans. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and undid his belt buckle. A quick unzip revealed he was going commando that day. His stiffening dick plopped out and he wasted no time pushing his pants down around his ankles.

It was a total turn on to see Trent nervously checking his surroundings as he stroked. We had a couple power walkers on their lunch break who kept circling the building. The idea of someone seeing him touching himself got him even harder, that beautiful cock head filling with blood and puffing into a gorgeous shroom.

It's not easy controlling my own cock around guys as hot as Trent. I didn't even try during this shoot because I knew I'd fail. Once he began snapping his boner against his abs, I was rock hard. Hearing that big piece of meat thud against his stomach drove me wild. He gently tugged at his big balls and they kept tightening up the more aroused he got. I might have even seen him sneak a finger down below his sack to tease his tight asshole.

The he surprised the fuck outta me by stripping completely out of his shirt. I didn't expect him to get as naked as possible in the car, considering had the power walkers or anyone else stopped to see what we were doing, he'd have no time to get dressed. But that's when I think both of us realized, Trent really didn't give a fuck. He was horny as could be by this point, his hardon was stiff as shit, and he was going to cum in that car and it didn't matter who saw him.

He played with his sexy nipples and firm pecs covered in buzzed fur. His chest is ridiculously hot, as are his thick legs and bubble butt. You'll get to see much more of those in his actions scenes. And you'll hear more of his incredibly cute Southern accent, too. For the finale of his solo, he beat his meat furiously, pumping out a rocket of cum onto the car seat and his pubes. Then he did what I love seeing, tasted his own load. Mmm Mmm Good.

We're so excited to be presenting Trent Matthews to you. We know you're going to enjoy every inch of him as much as we do!

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