Whether he's jerking off or bottoming for a big dick, Jaxon is always super sexed up. He's fit and hung. His body hair is perfectly blonde and curly in all the right places.

Trevor Jaden

Trevor Jaden

Trevor Jaden is a studio guy who we met the day GuyBone.com launched, but because he lives a few hours away, it took us a while to align schedules and get this stud to our set. Trevor is one of the sweetest guys we've ever met, let alone had the pleasure of working with.


Trevor Tops Jaxon

Studio guy Trevor Jaden returned from a hiatus and was kind enough to make GuyBone.com the first stop on his comeback tour. He traveled to our fair city and stayed the weekend, getting in two action scenes, one with Xander, and this one with Jaxon.

These two studs started sucking face, tearing each others' shirts off, and busting into one another's pants to discover they had similar tastes in underwear. Both guys were wearing jock-straps, and both guys looked incredibly hot in them.

It didn't take long for hairy, scruffy Jaxon to start sniffing and licking Trevor's cock through his jock. Once he'd teased his cock to stiff attention, he pulled it out and started slurping on it. Spitting and sucking, Jaxon showed Trevor how to give head. Then, being the perfect gentleman he is, Trevor returned the favor, pulling Jaxon's big dick out of his jock-strap, and taking it down his throat. From there, his tongue traveled to Jaxon's eager asshole and started rimming.

Trevor didn't waste time getting his hard rod inside that eager hole, ramming Jaxon's ass so hard his nuts were audibly slapping against Jaxon's taint. Then they flipped positions a few times, ending with Jaxon bucking on Trevor's hardon like a rodeo rider. Getting his prostate hammered from beneath must have literally hit the spot, because Jaxon exploded all over himself and the bed, cum flying everywhere!

Trevor took his turn on his knees, warning us that he was a shooter. This sweetheart with a six pack doesn't lie - he blasted a white hot load across Jaxon's waiting face, streak after streak after streak. Jaxon had to have a taste of Trevor's delicious-looking cum, so he licked the head clean.

These two jock-strap studs proved they had more in common than just their skivvies. They both loved a good, hard roll in the hay. And they both knew how to put on an awesome show.

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