Troy Fuller

Troy Fuller

Sexy, slender and suited for porn, Troy is a handsome guy next door who loves to suck dick and fuck. He's got a great curved cock and adorable ears. He's masculine and a bit country.


Troy's Solo

Troy and I had chatted what felt like forever ago about him modeling on GuyBone. He wasn't ready at the time, but after getting his cock wet on another site, he decided to give us a shot.

Sure glad he did, because this guy is incredibly hot. Tall, lean, hung, and horny, Troy means business on set. Also, one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of working with.

Shy and sexy, Troy started the solo by stripping out of his muscle shirt and camo pants. I loved watching him reveal his dark nipples and slightly hairy happy trail. He wore hot as fuck underwear that had a convenient hole to show off both his ass and balls. As his cock grew inside the underwear, my pulse raced and I felt ready to pounce.

Keeping it professional, I let Troy put on his own show. I watched intently as he removed the underwear, flashing his throbbing hard boner. The head of his dick was amazing. The shaft sleek and long. His masculine hand gripped his taught rod and began stroking.

Comfy on his back or up on his knees, Troy was making his hardon feel great by rubbing it and smacking it in the palm of his hand. His juicy lips glistened when he licked them. The stubble of his scruff framed his face to his cute ears, so prominent, begging to be tugged as he sucked a dick.

I was getting as worked up as Troy was. And in the end, he moaned and whimpered and shook as he came, feeling an intense orgasm. This stud had an incredible time stroking for his solo and you'll have an amazing time watching.

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