Truckee Rivers

Truckee Rivers

Truckee is one of the most unique GuyBone guys. He's got a punk haircut, a sexy beard, and a furry body that your eyes follow down to an enormous uncut cock. And he's limber, as anyone who watches his solo will see.


Truckee's Solo

What can I say about Truckee, other than this guy oozed sexiness as much as his long, uncut cock oozed pre-cum.

If Truckee was nervous for his audition solo, he didn't show it. Other than some sexy, sweaty pits when he began undressing (that totally gave me wood, btw), he was cool as a cucumber-sized cock, which is exactly what he wasn't hiding for long in those tight black briefs.

After rubbing his dick into a massive erection, Truckee lost the underwear and got to business, milking droplets of pre-cum from his stiff rod. I had to get as many angles of his shaft as I could, knowing you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of it any more than I could.

Truckee had a very hot, bad boy look - from the beard to the body fuzz to the tattoo to the half-buzzed head. I knew I had to have him do something in his solo that stood out, just like he was certain to on the site. After asking him to push his hard dick back to touch his own puckered asshole, which he accomplished while leaving behind a glistening string of jizz, I had him finish by flipping his legs over his head and cumming in his own face/mouth.

He definitely enjoyed the finale as much as I did. I could tell by the way he cleaned up after unfolding himself, thus proving that he was one finger-lickin' good GuyBone guy.

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