Weston has one of the biggest cocks on GuyBone. With a perfect smile, drool worthy pecs, and a boy next door curl to his hair, he's a terrific find. He loves to show off that seriously big dick.


Weston's Solo

Weston did things a little backwards on GuyBone.com. Most models begin with an audition solo and then work their way up the action scene ladder. His first scene, bottoming for Jeremy Fox, was sort of an emergency shoot. Weston covered for another guy who flaked on us, so there was no time to shoot an audition solo. Lucky boy, got to skip the solo and jump right into the sack with a studio pro!

Since I hadn't got an audition solo out of him, I asked Weston if he'd like to do one for the hell of it, not because he needed to prove anything like other hopeful models, but because his dick is enormous and I love filming him jerking it. He was totally up for the scene and even offered to try some toys... dildos to be specific... three of them. He ended up only using two of them because it was his FIRST TIME using a dildo and the largest size looked a bit too intimidating. This coming from the hung Mormon himself.

Weston stroked his gigantic cock and gently teased his tender hole with the two different sized toys. He hopped up on his knees and I knew I had to get an up-shot of that glorious shaft.

I doubt the scene would have turned out as hot had Weston actually filmed his audition solo first. I guess this is what they call a silver lining.

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