Ryan Fargo

Ryan Fargo

Ryan is one of the fuzziest, most adorable models on GuyBone. Covered in dark, soft hair, Ryan's toned little body is absolute perfection. We melt for that shaggy, surfer hair and scruffy beard.

Will Swagger

Will Swagger

Will Swagger is a studio guy who we've been dreaming of getting on GuyBone since we launched! Finally, our schedules lined up and we were able to film this fucking perfect muscle stud! From his sexy smile and rugged beard to ripped body and big dick, Will is every bit man and every bit horny!


Will Tops Ryan

Fuck! Waiting two years between shoots with Will Swagger was torture. But he's worth it, especially when we get to film him fucking Ryan Fargo's hairy hole! Getting these two together was pure magic. They had an instant daddy / son dynamic that was undeniably hot. Will's buff, masculine body enveloping Ryan's thin, furry frame. They were so into each other, we ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

We'd never filmed a massage scene and Will is licensed, so we met at his studio in the city and Fargo got naked (except for a towel) on the table. Will wore these sexy gym shorts, putting out that hot coach vibe. Fargo was face down, getting his fuzzy legs rubbed first. Then his back. Will's thick, meaty cock took no time at all to expand and nearly shred out of those shorts. He was so fucking horny for Fargo.

Not being able to see anything, Ryan made best use of his hand, feeling up Will's thigh and stumbling upon that giant boner. He stroked and teased Swagger's shaft through the fabric. I don't know how Will didn't drop trou and mount him immediately, he has some incredible will power and patience.

Instead, he had Ryan turn over so he could massage his chest. He also gave him a beard massage which was so sexy, followed by their first kiss. It was wet, full-mouthed, and hot as fuck! Then Will moved down to Ryan's stomach, his hands pushing and pulling at the hairy skin. They slid under Fargo's towel and began stroking his dick. Fargo began to stiffen and before long, Will had climbed onto the table, removed the shorts and towel, and was sucking Fargo's cock. His fist stretched Fargo's balls down, making his hard dick tighten even more.

Then Will straddled Ryan and fed him his handsome hardon. It was so hot seeing young Fargo worship daddy Will's rod. He went to town, slurping and sucking, looking up for approval that he was doing a good job. Will was sure to encourage him. After some intense head, Will slid back on the table, his swollen cock gently rubbing against the bushy entrance to Ryan's backdoor. He rimmed him for a hot second before getting that hairy hole nice and lubed with SPUNK.

Getting that fat dick inside Ryan's tight ass was a chore. But Will was the man for the job. He took his time and listened to his costar, but also played with his new pup. He offered his muscled forearm for Fargo to bite down on as he entered him. Holy shit! I've never seen something so hot! Fargo clamped down and growled as Will made his cock comfortable inside that warm hole.

Once he loosened up, Ryan really began to enjoy the experience. Will was obviously a pro at giving a good fuck, and Fargo was learning to love every bit of it. They fucked in a few positions, with Will demonstrating his brut strength by picking up, flipping, dragging Fargo around the massage table. He was like Will's furry little sex puppet. He drove his dick into Fargo's ass hard and deep, giving him a good screw. Fargo growled and moaned and huffed like a wild animal, but he never made Will stop.

He enjoyed sitting on that stiff cock so much, he shot his load while riding Will. Then Will laid him on his back and went fast and furious til he was ready to bust. He pulled out, jerked off and came a beautiful load into Fargo's chest hair.

Two hella sexy guys, one incredibly hot scene. Watch it, cum to it, then look up Will Swagger and hire him to give you your very own erotic massage. Imagine you're Ryan, receiving that perfect lay from that perfect dick. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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