Pup Cas

Pup Cas

All fur and all fun with electric eyes you will absolutely get lost in, Pup Cas has an adorable smile that immediately puts you at ease. He's got a sexy hirsute-wrapped otter body ripe for the romping. Playful and perennially ready for a good pounding, he wants the bareback bone you're throwing fetch with.

Wolfie Braden Shaw

Wolfie Braden Shaw

This sexy disco daddy wolf pup is everything you need for a good time! He's hung with a thick dick and always ready to flip fuck with that succulent, hairy ass. Masculine, macho, and made to make you feel good, his gruff and gritty groans will give you goosebumps as he manhandles and mauls you to perfection.


Wolfie Tops Pup Cas Raw

Two more NEW GuyBone Guys! Man, we are on a roll with the fresh meat for ya! Hope you’re enjoying the feast of fur as much as we are! Welcome Wolfie and Pup Cas, exactly what their names imply. A sexy, daddy wolf, muscle stud and a cute, piercing-eyed, hairy, inked, bearded pup. Both sweet and sexy as can be, wearing matching cock rings and hirsuted to high heaven, these fellas were ready to fuck from the word action and the sexual energy and chemistry never stopped!

Making out and pawing each other’s beefy bodies, it took Pup Cas mere moments to slide down Wolfie’s thick torso to his equally thick, erect shaft. He slid it between his lips and sucked. His heavenly hairy hole was on full display as he blew his partner balls deep. Wolfie groaned and moaned a gruff and gritty tone, pleased with the oral he received from Pup Cas.

The hungry pup gobbled and choked down Wolfie’s girthy rod. They were a perfect pairing, hellbent on making the other happy in the sack. Pup Cas licked and lapped at Wolfie’s heavy nuts and then swallowed down his stiff dick again. When they kissed, their beards became one and the tongue-swirling sounds made my dick stand at attention. Wolfie rolled Pup Cas over and nuzzled him, pressing his full dad weight down on his slender otter frame. He pushed his legs toward the ceiling and spit on his hole. His long, talented tongue went to work on Pup Cas’ delicious ass. He spit, he sucked, he tongue-fucked, he licked, he kissed. The pretty pup’s pucker was thoroughly pleased, so much his penis began to leak pre cum. Which, of course, Wolfie licked from his furry tummy.

Pup Cas kept his legs skyward as Wolfie lubed his brick dick with SPUNK. The masculine top eased his bone inside the horny pup, whose face said everything he felt. His cock echoed the sentiment, stiffening more as Wolfie slid back and forth against his prostate. They put their bodies together perfectly, showing off their raw sex with expertise.

Wolfie took his time and coached Pup Cas on how to bottom his cock with precision. Once they’d acclimated to one another, the pace picked up and Wolfie started slamming his shaft into Pup Cas’ ass. The pup’s bare feet hugged Wolfie’s strong neck as he opened his hole for the pounding. Wolfie turned him over into doggie and put his prick back inside the warm butt. When they moaned simultaneously, I thought I’d explode with excitement. When Wolfie fucked Pup Cas so fast and hard air forced its way out of the bottom’s hole, I thought I’d cream my jeans. They made such sexy sounds together. A symphony of sexual delights.

Wolfie’s succulent ass was a marvel as he thrust down into Pup Cas. He was mauling the pup like an angry bear, and we all loved it. When they changed positions next, Pup Cas sat on Wolfie’s hog, taking it fully in his guts. His ass was just as much a marvel, from the furriness to the incredible talent he showcased by being able to ride so well. Wolfie kicked back and let Pup Cas take the reigns as the bareback fucking raged on. Then he grabbed his hips and let him have the full thrust of his cock. They were so in sync. Pup Cas grasped the headboard as he bounced up and down on that beautiful boner. The slapping, slippery sounds competed with the mattress flexing but both were drowned out by the men’s mutual moaning and heavy panting.

Wolfie teased the rim of Pup Cas’ ass with the tip of his dick, then slid in the full shaft. It was so hot to watch the disappearing trick he was doing with his dick inside the pup’s pristine hole. After such a successful cowboy ride, I climbed under them to see all that gorgeous sex overhead. In standing doggie, Wolfie railed his hole, both their ball sacks drawn tight from the cock rings and the turn on. Then they got back into a hugging missionary to get each other closer to climax. Pup Cas’ hole was so used and sloppy by that point, the sound was incredible. Wolfie fucked him hard and fast, both out of breath and just beating each other up sexually. Wolfie churned that asshole with his big, hard dick. Pup Cas whimpered like a good boy. They screwed swiftly, building up both their bro loads to blast out their cocks.

The studs stroked their stiff dicks, shooting out impressive loads of sperm. Pup Cas shot first, rocketing his pup cum across his hairy chest. Wolfie followed with a blast of hot jizz across Pup Cas’ lips, beard, and hungry tongue. They kissed passionately, sharing Wolfie’s seed, and finished the scene in fucking hot fashion. Welcome to the GuyBone family, fellas! Happy and horny to have ya!

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