Whether he's jerking off or bottoming for a big dick, Jaxon is always super sexed up. He's fit and hung. His body hair is perfectly blonde and curly in all the right places.

Xander Kane

Xander Kane

Xander is perhaps the wildest of GuyBone guys. A total badass, he likes it rough and tumble. The rebel haircut, the giant back tattoo, the crazy huge uncut cock - Xander is a treat to watch, whether he's stuffing his massive dick inside a nice, warm hole, or taking a ride on a hard rod.


Xander Tops Jaxon

These two had been wanting to fuck since I first started filming for GuyBone.com and their schedules finally allowed for the pairing of a lifetime.

Hard, rough, spitting, spanking, choking, grunting. You name it, these two did it. I've never seen two guys go at each other so aggressively. Not vanilla at all!

Originally, the scene was supposed to show the guys flip flopping, each taking a turn topping the other. But Xander went first, topping Jaxon, and at the half way mark when they were supposed to flip, Jaxon said “fuck no, I want to keep riding Xander's big uncut cock.” They were putting on such a good show, I had no choice but to say okay.

By the end of the scene, Jaxon was blowing a hot load all over his chest while getting pounded by Xander. Xander followed suit and bust a huge nut all over Jaxon, the bed, the floor, and even me this time!

Trust me, I didn't mind getting caught in the crossfire.

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