Kyle Sparks

Kyle Sparks

Kyle Sparks is a studio guy who we couldn't be happier to have on the site. He's a gentleman, he's prompt, and he's fucking hot. What more could you ask for?



Zac has one of the biggest, most impressive tattoos I've ever seen. The same can be said for his cock. That thing is huge!


Zac Tops Kyle

When I found out that Zac and Kyle both had a thing for guys in suits and ties, I knew I had to have them start the scene in their work clothes.

Holy fuck were these two hot in their dress shirts, ties, slacks, and socks.  My dick was aching from the moment they walked in the door.  Theirs obviously were, too, because as soon as they started sucking face, raging hard ons were visible through their pants.

Kyle wasted no time releasing Zac's enormous dick from it's cloth prison.  He dropped and slurped to Zac's delight.  Zac did the same after putting Kyle on the bed - the place he'd begin fucking him when the time was right.

Before long, Zac had Kyle on top of the dresser, slamming his cock into Kyle's ass so hard, I thought I was experiencing an earthquake!  Boy, could these two fuck!  Sweat dripping off of both guys, they had to take a break and cool down/switch positions.

Kyle had no problem spraying his seed all over Zac, but after the overheating and a bit of Kyle's cum in his eye, Zac just couldn't finish.  No problem, he did a great job and we looked forward to having him back.

After all, he owed us a load.

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