Alex Hawk

Alex Hawk

One of the sexiest bespectacled boys I've ever had the pleasure of seeing naked, Alex Hawk has that bookworm next door vibe down. Just as hot in and out of glasses as he is clothes, this hairy hottie is homework you won't mind having. He's toned as hell, hung with a perfect 7 inch cut cock, and comes complete with a furry asshole you'll wanna nibble (then fuck) for days.

Zack Acland

Zack Acland

It only took six years, but we finally found our first ginger. A true red head from head to toe, Zack Acland is also Australian and also one of the hottest fucking muscle bears we've ever seen! Hearing his accent will give you goosebumps, seeing his raging red, pierced dick will drive you wild.


Zack Tops Alex Raw

Wasting not a second, Zack and Alex began the scene completely naked, Zack's wet, warm, wooly mouth wrapped around Alex's huge, steely cock. Zack sucked and stroked Alex's shaft, then stood up just long enough for his bespectacled costar to push him onto the bed. Alex needed to service Zack's pulsing, pierced, ginger cock stat. He lapped at his balls, licked his shaft, and thoroughly enjoyed tasting his precum, of which there was plenty.

Alex finished his oral service and climbed atop Zack's furry auburn chest. Zack toyed with his soon-to-be bottom's hairy hole then rolled him over and drove his wide tongue inside. He alternated between fingering and rimming, getting Alex perfectly primed for the impending pounding. Alex's moans and nods of approval signified he was more than ready to ride this daddy's dick raw.

The glasses came off the toned otter and the raging cock went in. In seconds, Zack was pumping away at Alex's tight little ass, nuzzling and growling at his neck, thrusting and filling him up with delicious dick. Alex kept his jockstrap on the entire scene and it couldn't have been hotter seeing him get used with it wrapped around his ass and legs.

Zack had him nice and loosened and continuously swung his big, redheaded bat into his dugout. Alex turned to his side as he got fucked bareback so he could look up at Zack and also run his fingers through the thick, curly fur coating his bulging pecs and abdomen. When the burly, brut Aussie started screwing Alex in missionary, the chiseled bottom couldn't help piss himself. Zack's dick must have been hitting his prostate AND his bladder. Pee trickled from his dick and ran down his clenched abs. Some even pooled in his hairy belly button. Didn't even intend to get any watersports in this scene, but there they are, sexy as hell.

They kissed loud and hard and gasped for air as they gave each other quite the workout. Zack's thick, curved cock hit all the right spots and sent Alex wild with excitement. They flipped into doggy and Zack was instantly hitting it hard, with the help of SPUNK and his own spit. Alex's hot little ass shook with delight and displayed a bright red palm print from an earlier spanking he'd received from his dominant top. Zack was relentless, fucking Alex with every fiber of might he had. Round of applause to Alex for taking such a hard, deep dicking for so long without breaks. What a champ!

Zack ate Alex's ass once more then they snuggled up tight on the bed and jerked their dicks. Our favorite rugged Australian beefcake was first to cum. His cock spit out an unbelievable amount of white hot nut, all over his leg, Alex's arm and jockstrap. Holy fucking buckets of boy batter, Batman! Alex couldn't get his mouth on that still oozing cock fast enough. He made a hot, sticky mess of himself and Zack's sensitive boner, then laid back to finish himself off. Zack assisted with a finger up his ass, and with daddy helping his boy, Alex erupted all over his hairy tummy. They kissed passionately and Zack traced his finger along the underside of Alex's dripping dick. Their rods were spent and satisfied, which means they were as well.

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