Axel Black

Axel Black

Sporting some of the bushiest pubes on GuyBone, Axel Black is hairy from head to toe and just as hot! Pierced, inked, sweet and sexy, this stud is more than ready for action in the bedroom. He was made for it!



WOOF, this bearded, furry, tatted, uncut hunk of beefcake is all man, all hot, all horny! Zaddy is a GoGo dancer, which is evident by the way he moves in bed. He's vers but prefers the top dance floor, and something tells me it won't be difficult finding willing bottoms to open up for that thick cock of his.


Zaddy Tops Axel Raw

WOOF! Welcome pup Axel Black to GuyBone! And who better to introduce him to the pack than Zaddy?! Pinned to the bed from go, Axel’s furry, tatted body looked impeccably delicious underneath Zaddy’s equally hairy and inked frame. They were a perfect match and locked lips and rubbed fuzzy torsos to get each other’s bones ready for burying in holes. It was such a spectacular debut scene for Axel, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

Zaddy’s sexy mustache mixed with Axel’s bushy beard and I was in scruff heaven. The eager pup wasted no time retrieving his new play toy from Zaddy’s bulging briefs. He rubbed his hardening, hefty uncut cock and then they traded places so he could get a taste. Zaddy was throbbing so fucking hard for Axel’s warm mouth to wrap around his shaft. The good boy did a very good job of slobbing that knob. He serviced Zaddy superbly.

Axel lapped at Zaddy’s heavy nuts and worked his hard dick down his throat. He was hungry as fuck and Zaddy had a very big meal for him. His hazel eyes dazzled in the room’s purple lighting as he looked up at his top, stuffing that fat cock into his cheek so Zaddy could smack it through his bearded skin. Zaddy jumped up and fed him his raging erection. Fucking A, what a view! He rammed it into Axel’s willing mouth and the ready bottom took turns sucking and licking schlong and balls.

Axel’s super sexy mug and extremely talented tongue showed off for the camera as he continued to blow Zaddy’s thick timber. Zaddy reached down and fingered the pup’s hairy hole, spanked his ass, and got that pucker wet and ready for some wild fun. Between instant classic one-liners like “I like your haircut, bro” and “eat my burrito,” Zaddy was on fire with wit and machismo. They slid into a sexy 69 so he could eat Axel’s delicious hole while Axel licked his balls and big dick. Totally naked by now, their bodies stacked together, they worked away at making each other’s parts feel fucking fantastic.

Before I knew it, Zaddy had swallowed Axel’s stiff cock and they were in a sucking 69. Damn, if Axel’s hairy asshole, taint, and ball sack didn’t look divine as he face fucked Zaddy’s mustached mouth. They stuffed each other’s face holes full of fat, hard man meat and then Zaddy took his turn worshipping Axel’s rod. He stroked his behemoth boner while he spit on and sucked down Axel’s sexy, stiff shaft. Exploding from a hot bush of brown pubes, his cock and balls were a delight to see disappearing down Zaddy’s throat.

Axel slicked his hole with SPUNK Lube and slid Zaddy’s fat hog inside. Instant fit. They both moaned in pleasure as Axel’s ass gulped up that dick, deep and dedicated. He sat on Zaddy’s lap, riding him to perfection. Zaddy’s girthy dick filled Axel’s ass to the brim. He flipped him over and drilled him on his back, giving me a great view of the new guy’s face and furry body. Both their sexy faces and furry bodies. YUM!

Axel took that big dick like a champ, letting Zaddy rail him harder and deeper. Their vocals gave me instant wood and they kept each other going with their sweet sweet fucking. Zaddy fucked like a wild creature, owning that hole. Feeling such great dick in his guts got Axel to the finish line quickly. As Zaddy pumped more and more penis into him, Axel busted his load across his own furry tummy and nest of pubes. They kept going, Axel’s ass hungry for more fucking and Zaddy’s dick still wanting to screw before shooting.

They got into a perfect doggie position at the edge of the bed, Zaddy dominating that delicious ass with a deep dicking like no other. His balls slapped heavily against Axel’s taint as he plowed that perfect pucker. Zaddy drilled deep with his dick into Axel’s ass until he was ready to unload. He put him back in missionary and pumped his hole full of his uncut cock. He pulled out, splattered some seed on his taint, legs, and hole then pushed back in to breed his good boy. What a trooper Axel was, continuing to take that giant bone after he’d already came. And what a stud Zaddy was, being able to go that long without losing steam. Two excellent specimens of men, and one fucking hot and fantastic scene! Welcome to the GuyBone family, Axel. And thanks for another hit, Zaddy! ARF fellas!

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