Cubby Coves

Cubby Coves

You can't get much cuter and cuddlier than Cubby Coves. A beefy bro with an appetite for hot asses and big cocks, he's a Latino honeypot in the sack. Bearded and bushy pitted, he's hairy all over, and has a voice that's oh, so sweet.



WOOF, this bearded, furry, tatted, uncut hunk of beefcake is all man, all hot, all horny! Zaddy is a GoGo dancer, which is evident by the way he moves in bed. He's vers but prefers the top dance floor, and something tells me it won't be difficult finding willing bottoms to open up for that thick cock of his.


Zaddy Tops Cubby Raw

4th of July, time for fireworks and boy, did they bring em! Zaddy and Cubby were finally on the same schedule, swimsuited up, and horny for each other's hairy bodies! They sat on the edge of the pool, dangling their feet in the warm water. They made out passionately, dicks growing, making trunks tighter. They hopped in the pool and felt the rush of water across their aching cocks, cooling the throbbing but also intensifying their erections. Cubby pulled Zaddy's fat, uncut cock from his red shorts and started stroking it underwater. Wanting to get wet 'n wild, the pair made out more as I went below surface to get a crystal clear closeup of the Independence Day action.

Cubby had always wanted to suck a dick underwater so he checked that off his bucket list. Zaddy face fucked him until he needed to come up for air, then they moved to the steps so the cock hungry cub could really show off his sucking skills. Zaddy stood and fed his fat rod to his bearded bud, ramming it down his throat and ordering him to taste his foreskin. A good boy indeed, Cubby worshipped Zaddy's big dick as instructed, not like it took a shred of arm twisting.

Instantly establishing the daddy/boy dynamic, Zaddy and Cubby were a perfect fit. Zaddy bent Cubby over the side of the pool and ate his hairy ass like it was an All American apple pie. He jerked his giant sea monster under the water as he rimmed Cubby's hole. I love Zaddy's signature beard swipe, all that scruff scraping across an excited asshole. Makes the bottom and I both quiver every time. He spit on Cubby's heavenly backdoor and tongue fucked it, making the soon to be bottom moan and wriggle with anticipation.

There was one more dick sucking moment on the steps before Zaddy slapped Cubby's ass and led him up to the pergola for some couch fucking. He started him in doggie (and would finish him there, as well), sprawled out on the small sofa. Daddy Zaddy stuffed his juicy hot dog in Cubby's plump buns, filling those divine ass cheeks with rock hard dick. He slammed his way to satisfactionville, his heavy, hairy nuts pounding against Cubby's butt. The grunting was out of this world animalistic. Zaddy became a beast, his werecock eating its way through Cubby's body. He snarled and gnawed at the bottom's back as he screwed him silly.

Nothing looks as hot as a raw cock sliding in and out of a wet hole. I particularly loved lying underneath the guys to get a great view of just that. Bareback and big dicked, Zaddy fucked Cubby's hole hard and without mercy. He had him against the railings of the structure, making wood creak while he worked his wood into that beautiful butt. Cubby grabbed Zaddy's hand, a sure sign the boy was falling in love with daddy's dick. He couldn't get enough. Insatiable didn't begin to describe Cubby.

He slurped on Zaddy's pole once more, wetting it for the ride he'd been itching to take. He straddled his top and fucked that dick seated and sexy. They pulled his cheeks apart to show off the hot shaft plummeting into his cub cavern. Their sex was incredible. Especially when Zaddy took Cubby from missionary to the final doggie so he could squirt some of his hot load onto that hairy ass and then continue breeding him with the rest. Cubby took it in, his ass milking that fat cock for every drop of jizz it could muster. Then he rolled over and jerked his own cock off, dumping a pleasurable load of cub cum down his stiff dick and onto his pubes.

The pair leaned in and gave each other some end of scene snuggles and smooches. I definitely heard a few daytime fireworks in the background while filming. But what I saw in front of me was nothing short of a plethora of star-spangled sparks! Happy 4th, fellas!

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