Riley Landon

Riley Landon

WOOF, whatta pup! Riley Landon is a sexy lil package, hairy in all the perfect places and horny for all the flip fucking fun you can shake a stick at. His body is shredded, his head is shaved, and his mug is bearded - quite the trifecta.



WOOF, this bearded, furry, tatted, uncut hunk of beefcake is all man, all hot, all horny! Zaddy is a GoGo dancer, which is evident by the way he moves in bed. He's vers but prefers the top dance floor, and something tells me it won't be difficult finding willing bottoms to open up for that thick cock of his.


Zaddy Tops Riley Raw

What's better than getting Riley back for another scene? Getting Zaddy as his hot top! These two furry fuckers had an instant attraction that showed through their shorts. They ditched their pants to reveal Riley's extremely sexy tented Calvin's and Zaddy's freeballing boner. Fuck. They were ready!

Riley didn't need an invitation to take Zaddy's thick meat in his mouth or to lap at his low hanging balls like the good pup he is. He deep-throated that hung dong and made Zaddy moan gutturally. They made electric eye contact as he worshipped his cock. Zaddy face fucked him, holding his head on his dick. Riley was so fucking cock hungry, and who could blame him with such a tempting, towering rod in his face?

He serviced Zaddy's hefty, uncut wonder as the bearded top kicked back on the couch. There was no shortage of dick sucking, which we all loved. Riley got off his knees and unveiled his stiff, sexy dick for Zaddy to suck. His nuts hung even lower and Zaddy devoured them, giving them one helluva tongue bath. So much spit and slobber dripped down their beards. Such hard cocks. Such high sex drives.

After sucking Riley's delicious dick, Zaddy needed to taste that tempting tush. He bent his bottom over the sofa and spread his ass cheeks open to show off that beautiful, hairy hole. It was pretty pink, matched his ball sack perfectly. And his fur was dark brown and curly. Exactly what Zaddy wanted to eat. He spit on his hole and licked his ass, wiggling his broad tongue like a worm. He rubbed his black beard across the entrance and jiggled Riley's juicy, muscled butt. They were both living for it.

Zaddy worked from one to two fingers in that tight ass, Riley wiggling all the while, ready for something much thicker. Zaddy obliged, stuffing his SPUNK Lubed boner inside his back door. Well, against his back door. Riley's hungry hole did the rest of the work, literally gobbling Zaddy's cock up, pulling it deeper inside him. It was both hilarious and hot as hell to hear Zaddy's amazed reaction to this incredible action. He was definitely getting treated by this bodacious bottom.

Riley was instantly in heaven, pushing his hot ass back against Zaddy's beefy body. Their sex was raw, hardcore, and insanely arousing. They bumped uglies, which in their case were definitely beauties, and gave me a splendid undershot of their bouncing, swinging balls. Just gorgeous. Zaddy filled Riley's hole up with quality cock as his nuts slapped against that hairy taint.

The guys moved gracefully from doggie to cowboy on the couch. Riley rode Zaddy's huge horse cock like he was at the rodeo. He squatted over Zaddy's sizable schlong and fucked like a prize stud. He was hammering his prostate with that big meat mallet, inching himself toward climax. He reached it and shot his seed across Zaddy's tatted chest and furry tummy. He kept screwing, scooping up his own cum and swallowing it. They kissed quick and it was on to more fucking so Zaddy could join him in orgasm ecstasy.

In missionary, Zaddy railed Riley's ass giving him the best bareback boning he could. Sweat dripped from his brow and Riley wiped it across his own face, smelling and tasting the salty sexiness. Zaddy was close. But overheated. He pulled out and jerked off as he watched Riley aggressively finger himself. The visual took Zaddy over the edge and he busted his nut all over Riley's steel abs and extended, eager tongue. Riley swallowed his cum and cock completely. He wore the jizz ribbons with pride, taking Zaddy in his arms and kissing him sensually. They collapsed on the couch, covered in sweat and semen. Satisfaction achieved.

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