Talk about a steaming piece of twink meat! Aidee is smart, sweet, and incredibly sexy! That big smile flashes pearly whites that melt your heart.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


Zeus Tops Aidee Raw

No fuss. All fuck. That's the GuyBone way. But once in a while, we like to play around with classic porn scenarios. You still get real, amateur guys having hot hookups on camera, just with a tiny bit of gimmick. This scene, for example, started with Aidee and Zeus coming home after school, sneaking into the back alley to mess around before Aidee's mom got home. Just enough story setup, then your imagination can do the rest. And these two had such great chemistry, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Aidee is a take charge power bottom. He knew why he invited Zeus into the back alley, and it was to introduce Zeus to his back door. For any ounce of nervous hesitation Zeus might have had, Aidee made up for in horny confidence as he planted big, loud wet kisses on Zeus' supple lips and got the action rolling with a hand rubbing on the front of his pants. Then inside his shirt. Then he squatted and sucked a nipple, making his way down that delicious furry happy trail of Zeus' to the hidden treasure: a rock hard uncut cock nestled in dark pubic hair. Aidee got comfortable and swallowed that cock, paying extra special attention to the sexy foreskin. Zeus whispered “you're so bad” and I knew it was going to be a fucking hot scene!

I felt like a true voyeur, something I love, peeking around the gate at the blowjob happening before me. Aidee got Zeus' impressive boner nice and wet with his frothy spit and worked that shaft like it was his calling. Zeus joked that Aidee's mom had come home, then encouraged his new friend with benefits to keep going and “gag on that dick.” Aidee was ready for his turn, so they traded places and Zeus released Aidee's humongous hardon and plopped it in his hungry mouth.

Zeus knew how to work a pole as well as Aidee, sucking and slurping on that thick, cut shaft, making love to the swollen pink head with his mouth. He tongued Aidee's low hanging balls and licked the length of his big boner. Backpacks and boners properly sums up this scene. Something extra hot about seeing Zeus gently caress Aidee's nuts with his tongue. They tossed said backpacks aside and Zeus continued giving Aidee stellar head. Then it was back on his feet for some bareback fucking.

Aidee spun around, wet Zeus' rock hard cock with his magic spit, then opened his legs for his bud to enter his butt. Zeus immediately started pounding, pants still around his knees. Aidee's milky white ass cheeks bounced with the banging from Zeus' pelvis. Good thing Aidee's mom didn't come home, there's no way she wouldn't have heard the noise these two were making in the back alley.

I got a great view of the school boys banging from above. Aidee sat on Zeus' dick on a deck chair and rode it hard and wild. Feeling like I was secretly spying on these two school age guys boning in the back alley was sending my dick into a frenzy. They were both in such ecstasy, moaning and enjoying each others bodies to the extreme. In this cowgirl position, they were able to kiss. Hearing their moans and heavy panting between sexy smooches while watching the raw fucking from behind was incredibly satisfying. Seeing Zeus' fuzzy nuts bounce with the slamming of Aidee's ass on his thighs was beyond gratifying.

Aidee wanted to be fucked on his back, so they used their backpacks and pile of discarded clothes to create a bed for Zeus to rail him on. When Aidee's magic spit wasn't quite enough, the guys used SPUNK Lube to create a slick workspace. Zeus was really able to get in there deep in this position, making Aidee whimper and cry out in joy. Pure, unbridled, bareback fucking from two young, hung, horny guys in a back alley. All with the gate wide open like they wanted someone to walk up on them, naked and thrusting, dirty socks to the sky. Perfection.

Their next position saw Aidee all sorts of contorted with one leg up, one arm out, and one very accepting ass receiving. Zeus pounded into him, condom free, giving him every inch of his bare cock, skin to skin. Aidee stroked his massive cock while he got fucked and it was only a matter of time before he needed to release his seed. First, though, Zeus would screw him doggie style on the deck chair, getting one last round of humps in.

When both boys were ready to bust, Aidee took a seat and shot his load first. He blew a big load past his belly button and milked out the remaining drops of cum. He quivered in his seat and gave Zeus plenty of visual stimulation to join him in orgasm. Holy fuck, did Zeus make it rain! He showered Aidee's chest in clear jizz which drizzled down his pecs and torso. The guys kissed and hurriedly threw their clothes back on to avoid getting caught. At that point, would it have mattered? These two had just shared a moment that no one could ever take away. A hot after school hookup between two classmates that would forever be future spank bank fodder.

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