Dayne Beric

Dayne is one very sexy guy! He's got an adorably coy grin that turns into a full on beaming smile. His beard is as bushy as his pits and pubes and he's got abs for days. Packing an impressive cock and balls, it's hard to keep his potential contained. His ass is tight and furry, just how I like them. And his personality can't be beat. He baked cookies for me the first time we met, for fuck's sake! This one's a keeper, gents. All around class act Dayne Beric may be a total amateur when it comes to porn, but he's got the means to succeed big. I'm already rooting for him!
Ethnicity: White Height: 5'7''
Tribe: Guy Next Door, Geek, Jock, Otter Tattoos: Yes
Body Hair: Hairy Facial Hair: Beard
Dick: Cut Dick Size: 7''
Position: Versatile Piercings: Yes

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