Dayne Beric

Dayne Beric

Dayne is one very sexy guy! He's got an adorably coy grin that turns into a full on beaming smile. His beard is as bushy as his pits and pubes and he's got abs for days.

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Lance Tops Dayne Raw

Starting off sexy and with smoldering lip smacking, Lance and Dayne had all the right stuff. Lance sniffed and licked Dayne's bushy pits before they pulled their shirts off. Dayne returned the pit worship, making Lance moan and mutter his arousal. He yanked Dayne's jeans off and smelled his cock through his briefs. He popped Dayne's fuzzy nuts out through the leg and kissed them. Then he removed his underwear and began blowing him. They were off to such a hot start, it's no wonder they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Lance was down to his jockstrap before I knew it, his hairy hole sky high and being eaten out by Dayne. I love seeing the top get rimmed before he fucks. Absolutely no point in it other than pure pleasure. That's so hot. Not loosening, lubing him. Just satisfying. And Dayne clearly knew what he was doing because Lance looked lost in ecstasy.

Dayne's perfectly toned body was all sorts of rock hard as he played around with Lance's furry ass. They kissed loudly again and my dick was raging. Seeing the bottom totally service his top before giving himself up to him was beyond titillating. With Lance on all fours, Dayne devoured his dark-haired back door and gulped down his throbbing cock.

They swapped spit for a bit and jerked their aching rods. Then Dayne went down on Lance again. Lance's steel shaft looked incredible disappearing down Dayne's eager throat. Then they flipped roles and Lance became the dominant aggressor. He didn't look back once. He rimmed Dayne's equally hairy hole and then eased his insanely stiff dick inside.

Dayne wrapped his long legs around Lance's waist and pulled him inside deeper. Lance's furry crack was on display again as I filmed him thrusting into Dayne from behind. Dayne was all bellows as Lance opened him up and really began fucking. It was bareback all the way for these two studs. Hot, hard, raw rod lubed up with SPUNK and sliding in and out of bare butthole.

Lance started fucking faster. Their bodies were totally in tune and they whimpered together. He had to stop himself from cumming too soon a couple times, Dayne's ass felt that amazing. My favorite position of theirs came when Dayne squatted over Lance's boner on the foot-of-the-bed bench. Lance pumped up into Dayne's delicious derrière and their vocals mixed with visuals was almost too much for me.

Then Lance bent Dayne over the edge of the bed and mounted him. So hot seeing them screw in doggystyle, nice and deep. Lance's big balls were tight and firm. His taint was covered in hair and led to his perfectly furry asshole that was wiggling and winking with the rhythm of their fucking. Bare feet bent toward me, lube and pre cum dripping from Dayne's used hole, they were thoroughly enjoying the ride, as was I. Next, Dayne took charge and rode it in cowboy. Lance's ever-hard cock was mezmerizing in this position. The way it plundered Dayne's hole was perfect. Fuck, it filled him so completely.

They were both getting close to their breaking points, and I was ready to see them spill seed. They made out passionately one more time, and that clearly got Lance exactly where he wanted to be. He rolled Dayne's ass up and splattered his hairy hole with cum. It sprayed over Dayne's balls and onto his furry pecs and bearded neck. Then Lance pushed his still pulsing prick inside Dayne and let it rest.

Dayne jerked his dick and gently teased his butt. He rocketed out a hot load from his handsome cock and he and Lance commented on how much there was because of holding it for a week. They congratulated each other on a job well done and I did the same. Very fucking hot, guys!

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