Michael Phoenix

Michael Phoenix is an artist. He's creative and charismatic, a playful pro with a crystal clear vision of what he wants. He's a solid, sexy package of furriness, ink and piercings, each with a fascinating story to accompany it. Stories you want to hear while cuddled up next to him. His nipples love attention and they're definitely hardwired to his cock. His big, beautiful, cut cock. It towers at 8.5", a solid 9 on a good day. But when isn't it a good day if Michael is showing you his dick? He's fit but still complete with a bit of extra meat to wrap yourself up in. His ass is pretty much off limits, but it's heaven to look at. And his smile is not only infectious, it's insanely smoldering, as are his deep, dark eyes. I'll let you discover the joys of his tongue on your own. Michael has his own website, so he didn't need to collaborate with us. The fact that he did, shows what a great guy he is! A total treat for GuyBone, we know you're going to love him as much as we do!

Ethnicity: White Height: 5'11''
Tribe: Guy Next Door, Cub, Otter Tattoos: Yes
Body Hair: Hairy Facial Hair: Beard
Dick: Cut Dick Size: 8.5''
Position: Top Piercings: Yes

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