Michael Phoenix

Michael Phoenix

Michael Phoenix is an artist. He's creative and charismatic, a playful pro with a crystal clear vision of what he wants. He's a solid, sexy package of furriness, ink and piercings, each with a fascinating story to accompany it.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is an up and cumming industry boy, cute as fuck and even furrier! He's so unbelievably sexy and I swear, his pics don't do justice to the in person version. He's incredibly charming, easy to work with, and has a smile that'll melt you as fast as those deep ocean eyes of his do.


Michael Tops Parker Raw

Michael and Parker knew each other from way back but had never filmed together. Leave it to GuyBone to reunite them for one helluva hot (tub) fuck! Honored to bring these super sexy, stunningly sweet studs together so Michael could breed Parker's bareback hole. Parker was in the hot tub immediately and he was pulling Michael's fat cock out of his shorts almost as quickly. He plopped it in his mouth and gave his costar stellar head.

Michael was rock solid in seconds, feeding his thick dick to Parker's hungry mouth. He spanked his face with his meat hammer and reveled in Parker's deep-throating abilities. Parker's eyes sparkled in the sunshine as he slobbed Michael's knob. Then he invited him to hop in the hot tub, too.

Michael eagerly obliged, sweeping Parker into his arms and kissing him passionately. Their bearded mugs looked so masculine making out. Lips and tongues swirled like the water in the tub and their cocks both raged erect as they lifted them above the surface and frotted them together.

Michael dropped down on Parker's stiff prick, sucking it hard and deep. He wrapped his lips around the shaft and teased the head with his split tongue. Parker's cock ring made the veins in his dick bulge, ready to explode with excitement. The breeze proved too chilly, so Parker slid back into the hot tub with Michael, kissing and nipple licking. They rubbed their cocks together under the water, showing off those steel shafts. When they embraced and locked lips, it was so fucking evident they were ready to bone. Parker bounced on Michael's boner a bit, splish splashing the hot tub water, until they couldn't take the teasing anymore and had to hop out for the main attraction.

Michael rimmed Parker's hairy hole on a deck chair, making his soon-to-be-bottom moan in anticipation. His split tongue no doubt felt incredible working its magic inside Parker's ass. Michael stepped back, grabbed the SPUNK Lube, and wet his long cock, ready to rail Parker's tail. He had him arch his back for entry and eased his lengthy dong inside his butt. It was an instant fit and the boys began their bareback bang.

The sunlight was warm but their sex hot. They decided to move indoors to maximize their comfort. They slid into a sexy spoon position, Michael behind Parker, slapping his fuck stick against the ass he so desperately wanted back inside. He nibbled on Parker's neck, he rubbed his furry tummy. He was a tender top who took great care of his bottom. There was a sense of love and respect in the room. Their chemistry was undeniable.

Michael got his wish and was back inside that warm hole rather quickly. He'd given Parker goosebumps from his canoodling and the bottom was more than elated to feel that giant dick up his ass once more. He opened up for Michael, allowing his costar to fuck him raw and right. He jerked his own stiff one as Michael filled him up from behind.

Michael pumped him full of cock perfectly. Parker was wriggling with delight. They switched to missionary and Michael's bone was buried balls deep immediately. Parker's warm, hairy hole must have felt divine wrapped around his shaft. They grunted as only guys can as Michael thrust his hard cock in and out of Parker's ass. They held each other tight as they screwed, tweaking nipples and whimpering and curling toes. Parker's ass was full of dick and they were both loving the bareback boning.

Michael teased the tip of his dick on the rim of Parker's asshole. He was driving himself wild with the sensation. He flipped Parker over into doggy style and entered him on his knees. Squeezing his deliciously juicy ass cheeks as he filled him with dick, Michael made intense bareback love to Parker. He could feel the load bubbling up inside his balls, churning, begging to spill out. He fucked diligently until he was ready to shoot his nut. He pulled his spurting cock out long enough to plaster some ribbons on Parker's pretty hole, then pushed it back in again to finish breeding his good boy bottom. With cum all over Parker's crack and the bed and Michael's cock, it was clearly a job well done.

The guys moved back outside to enjoy some fun in the sun for Parker's cumshot. He kicked back on the deck chair and rubbed one out of his beautiful boner as Michael tenderly caressed his body. Parker painted his hairy belly with pearl droplets and groaned out a satisfying orgasm. He showed off his still dripping dick and Michael kissed him, then invited him back into the hot tub for a rinse and a final friendly frolic. So glad GuyBone could get these two together. Sure seems like the start of a beautiful friendship with benefits.

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