Brayden Wolf

Brayden Wolf

Fucking A. Brayden is too damn sexy! I found him doing a webcam show and recruited him immediately.

Grady Barnett

Grady Barnett

Innocently adorable, Grady is one helluva sexy cub next door. He's got a Clark Kent thing going on when he wears glasses. And he's armed with one of the cutest, most kissable scruffy mugs you've ever seen.


Brayden Tops Grady Raw

Kappa Omega Kappa. The House of ΚΩΚ. It's GuyBone's own fraternity and alum Grady Barnett had the honor of welcoming pledge Brayden Wolf. Looked like they partied hard the night before and were having fun getting to know one another a bit better the next morning. So much so, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Backwards snapbacks kept brims out of the way as they kissed softly, testing the waters of their newfound bromance. They rubbed each other's junk, fondling and teasing. Exploring. Hardening. Brayden popped up on his knees, his sexy socked feet pressed against the comforter. Grady tongued the bulge in his sweat shorts and pulled out his rock solid cock for the tasting. Brayden encouraged him to suck it and gripped his hatted head as he face fucked his bro.

Grady's thick dick escaped its denim restraints and found its way into Brayden's curious mouth. They 69'd for a while, learning what the other liked orally. Brayden sat back up and fed his boner to his bud as he stripped out of his shirt and showed off his furry chest and toned torso. Grady's shirt came off, too, revealing pierced nips and a super hairy, beefy body. They ditched their bottoms, too, and took in the hotness of their two totally naked bodies.

Brayden bent Grady over and buried his face between his juicy ass cheeks. He licked from taint to top of crack, fully tongue fucking his bud's beautiful hole. He fingered it some while Grady stroked his stiff dick. They were back to 69'ing soon enough, Brayden gulping down Grady's girthy shaft while humping his own huge hardon into the cub's eager orifice. They were two buds brojobbing out with mouthfuls of manhood.

Brayden's big balls smacked against Grady's nose as he face fucked him. His sexy toes curled into the sheets and his furry pits looked musky as fuck. They were all boy, all college dude, all American guy next door. And they were worshipping each other's bodies beyond perfectly.

Brayden pulled out the ΚΩΚ frat paddle and rippled Grady's voluptuous ass cheeks as he spanked him. He needed to fuck him. He lubed up with SPUNK and eased his long erection inside his buddy's bubble butt. Grady gasped but opened up for him. He wanted it just as bad. Brayden was a dominant top as soon as he started fucking, aggressive and relentless. He had Grady in doggystyle, nailing his ass bareback. His hefty cock filled his friend up completely and he screwed him balls deep.

Grady sat on Brayden's big dick next, riding it rough and raw. He spread his meaty ass cheeks and felt Brayden pounding against his prostate. But they were in perfect harmony when Brayden stood on the side of the bed, drilling Grady's hole in missionary. He reached down and squeezed Grady's throat, gently choking his comrade. Their furry asses and legs danced with the rhythm of the railing.

They moved into a standing doggy position and holy hell, the view from below was bro-rrific. Brayden's beast of a boner banged into Grady's bouncing boy hole with bravado. They were both beside themselves, experiencing pure pleasure as they pounded it out. They had begun to sweat profusely, clear beads trickling down their bodies. Hot, in every sense of the word.

The guys kicked back and jerked their cocks side by side. They watched each other beat their meat, inevitably edging them closer to cumming. Brayden was ready to bust. He jumped up on Grady's chest and shot his load across the fur patch between his pecs. So much white hot nut. Then it was back inside that sweet ass to continue fucking Grady until he came, too. Love that youthful stamina! Grady jerked off as Brayden slammed into him. He came hard, dumping globs of thick cum onto his belly. They fixed their hats and sank into the bed, making this one helluva memorable initiation into the House of ΚΩΚ.

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