Brayden Wolf

Fucking A. Brayden is too damn sexy! I found him doing a webcam show and recruited him immediately. Without a doubt, one of the hottest GuyBone Guys we've ever had. Those ears make my dick take notice, then I stick around for the rest of his perfection. Puppy dog eyes that melt when you do, scruffy face and immaculate hair, a killer smile, a toned body and big, very stiff cock. Did I cover the long legs and mouthwatering feet? Yep, he's got it all. When I met him, he was a straight dude. Then he had a summer of sexploration in preparation for filming gay porn. Now I don't care how he identifies, I just thank the stars he can't seem to get enough sex with guys. Because we can't get enough of him!
Ethnicity: White Height: 6'0''
Tribe: Guy Next Door, Jock, Otter Tattoos: No
Body Hair: Hairy Facial Hair: Scruff
Dick: Cut Dick Size: 8''
Position: Top Piercings: No

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