Brayden Wolf

Brayden Wolf

Fucking A. Brayden is too damn sexy! I found him doing a webcam show and recruited him immediately.

Topher Michels

Topher Michels

Tall Topher is one sexy, hairy hunk. And the manners on this one! Such a gentleman!


Brayden Tops Topher Raw

This was Brayden's inaugural scene with GuyBone, but as you know, we rarely release content in order because of costars' other releases, number of scenes one model has, etc. So his first scene gets released last and you finally get to see where it all began. He was new and nervous. To be expected. I'd stumbled across him on a cam site and fell in love immediately. He was straight but open to filming gay porn, so I brought him here and crowned him a GuyBone Guy.

Topher had the honor and pleasure of being his first male fuck on camera (he'd practiced once before he came to visit, just to make sure everything was in working order). And Topher was more than up for the job. Speaking of up, Brayden's big dick was already hardening up inside his shorts thanks to some eager rubbing from Topher. I loved watching the straight boy sit back and let another dude fondle his junk. Get him stiff. They were both into it instantly and Brayden quickly came to realize he was a natural on camera. So much so, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Topher slid his hand inside Brayden's bottoms as they chilled next to each other on the couch. Brayden reached over and grabbed some of his costar's package and then they laid one of the sexiest kisses on one another. The heavy breathing and soft lip smacking was intense. Topher moved from Brayden's lips to his hairy otter torso then back. Their mouths made magical noises. They tossed their shirts aside and revealed each other's underwear, both pair bulging with the tension of boners just behind the fabric, begging to be set free.

Topher crawled to his knees on the floor, positioned perfectly in front of Brayden's raging hardon. He pulled the giant cock from Brayden's boxer briefs and swallowed it whole. Brayden guided his head and exhaled hard as Topher licked his nuts. They were both hard as rock. Topher took his own steely cock out to jerk while he blew Brayden. The straight stud face fucked Topher some, but really just let him worship his handsome hardon. Then he sat up and they stroked each other for a moment before Topher stood and offered his shaft to Brayden.

Brayden took the bait and gulped down Topher's firm phallus from his seat on the sofa. I could tell he'd been studying Topher's oral skills while receiving head. He didn't mimic, but he was able to deliver sucking service on par with that of his costar's. Very impressive for a newbie. They were both undressed before I knew it, working each other's cocks over wet and wild. They took turns blowing boners, their big balls hanging beautifully between their legs all the while.

After they sufficiently sucked one another's stiff shafts, Brayden began to get curious about Topher's hairy hole. He played with it, inching his finger inside. He slapped his meaty, muscled ass and then pushed him against the back of the couch, bending over and getting his tongue between those tempting butt cheeks. He stood, slid his slick shaft inside, and never looked back.

He began slow but then gained speed as he fucked Topher bareback. The good bottom opened up properly and gave his hole to Brayden. The good top delivered a fast and deep pounding that hit every spot they both wanted it to. When they flipped to a new position to face each other, I was surprised by Brayden's brazen dominance as he gripped Topher's throat in a rough chokehold. Topher instantly approved, though, and I found myself getting as aroused as them by the act.

Brayden nailed Topher hard. His black socks slid on the carpet but he kept his stance and drove his dick even deeper into Topher's hole. They moved this missionary-ish position to the floor and standing Brayden brought the pile drive to Topher's back door. They both exclaimed heavenly when their body parts felt this amazing maneuver and wasted no time fucking hard and raw. It wasn't the easiest position for Brayden's boner, though, so they took a break to get good and boned and back in the game.

It only took a few seconds of them rubbing their cocks together for Brayden to achieve maximum stiffness once again. He was young, hung, and so rock hard and full of cum. Topher wrapped his hand around both their dicks and jerked them shaft to shaft. It wasn't much longer before Brayden had Topher in doggie over the back of the sofa, entering him completely, Topher bellowing from having to get his ass reacquainted with that behemoth cock.

Legs shaking, couch squeaking, hairy pelts sweating, these two men were making sweet animalistic love. And it was obviously only a matter of time before they both erupted. Topher came first and I'm not surprised. Having that giant, hard dick banging away at your prostate must feel so wonderful. He was getting it good in doggie when he felt the urge to splooge. He pushed his dick toward the sofa seat and shot hot white seed all over the cushions. Brayden kept right on fucking him, really pounding home that orgasm.

Then it was Brayden's turn to cum. He kicked back on the couch once more, alternating between jerking his own dick with SPUNK Lube and letting Topher suck his meaty man hammer. By now you've probably seen Brayden bust his nut in several other scenes, but remember, this was his actual first, and possibly best! A giant batch of boy batter spilled from his piss slit and cascaded down his dick and flung onto his legs. Topher put that still seeding shaft in his mouth and swallowed every drop he could. He tongued up the load on Brayden's lap and from his fingers. Then he scooped up nearly the rest and devoured it. Brayden looked flattered as hell that Topher was so cum hungry for his nut. These two were a fantastic pairing and even though you had to wait to see it, I'm glad Topher was the one who got to pop Brayden's GuyBone cherry in such an unbelievably hot way!

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