Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.

Dayne Beric

Dayne Beric

Dayne is one very sexy guy! He's got an adorably coy grin that turns into a full on beaming smile. His beard is as bushy as his pits and pubes and he's got abs for days.


Cord Tops Dayne Raw

Wasting absolutely no time, Cord and Dayne started the scene already boned up and exposed, rock hard dicks raging out of their underwear. Dayne dropped down on Cord's uncut wonder and made his costar moan with his slurping skills. Cord's eyes rolled back and he told Dayne to "suck those balls." Then he pushed his costar back and returned the oral favor, sucking Dayne's tall, rock hard, cut cock. Plenty of ball worshipping going on here. So hot to see a dude lick and suck on another dude's nuts.

Cord slid out of his underwear and face fucked Dayne's bearded mug. Then he eased over and started some very sexy 69, but only until he needed to focus entirely on pleasuring Dayne with his wet mouth. He ripped off his underwear and slobbed that throbbing knob. They beat their boners together and Cord teased Dayne's hairy hole for a moment before he knelt back down to service that solid shaft some more. Dayne rolled to his side so he could taste Cord's uncircumcised unit again. I loved hearing Dayne whimper as he worked. He was truly enjoying the cock sucking as much as Cord.

Cord asked “you wanna ride that cock?” The answer was obviously yes and with the help of SPUNK Lube, Dayne sat down on Cord's massive member. Tight as he was, he opened up fairly quickly for that thick cock of Cord's. They began working together, Dayne riding Cord's dick balls deep. They both muttered their satisfactions and Dayne pulled apart his butt cheeks so I could really see that incredible shaft sliding in and out of him.

Cord got Dayne on his back, him topping on his knees, and fucking rammed that rod all the way in. Dayne was all bellows and cries as Cord plowed his hole bareback. That lubed up, raw hardon fucked Dayne's perfectly furry ass with purpose.

Dayne is vocal, to say the least, and I loved hearing him tell Cord “fuck, you've got a big dick.” Cord loved hearing it, too, because it inspired him to fuck even harder and faster when they switched into doggie style. Dayne's hairy butt jiggled with each thrust from his hung top. He gave his ass willingly, allowing Cord full ownership. Even when he rode it in reverse so I could see his sexy face while he got fucked, he let Cord take control. Cord dominated that hole, obliterating it with pleasure. They fit together so wonderfully, I never wanted to stop watching. And from the sounds Dayne was making, he never wanted to stop fucking.

Cord got him in one last position, though, missionary at the edge of the bed. Cord screwed him hard and without a condom one more round, then pulled out to shoot a huge load across Dayne's chiseled abs. He stuffed his cumming cock back inside Dayne's quivering asshole and released the rest of his seed inside, breeding his hot bottom.

Next came the disappointing but still sexy as hell part. Long story short, my computer failed to delete old footage from my camera after a previous import and I didn't realize I'd run out of space on the SD Card until it was too late. Cord offered up his cum covered cock for Dayne to suck on while the beyond happy bottom jerked himself off. Toned abs clenched tight, mouth full of dripping dick, his own erection hard as steel, Dayne beat his meat furiously. He inched toward climax and I shit you not, literally two seconds before he bust his nut, my camera turned off because storage was full. I scrambled to replace the card, he tried to hold back his load, but neither of us were successful and the cumshot was not captured. You can see it in the stills gallery for this scene, but unfortunately the video just ends, forever making you wonder what exactly Dayne looked like shooting his sperm.

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