Dieter Red

Dieter Red

Dieter is boned up and ready to make a splash not only on GuyBone, but in the adult industry in general. He's charismatic, charming, and cool as fuck. From his slick hair to his sexy voice, he's the full package.

John Mack

John Mack

One very tall and sexy drink of water, John Mack is the mack daddy of giant personalities and smiles. Look at that flashy grin, totally boy next door cute and beaming. He's a lean, smooth stud with an uncut cock rivaling his height.


Dieter Tops John Raw

It seemed only fitting that Dieter would be John's first costar, considering they were off camera fuck buddies first and Dieter had referred his friend to me. They had an easy comfortability with each other having “done this before” and the chemistry was all sorts of right to welcome John gently into the fold. They had so much natural fun together, in fact, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They started by making out softly, sweetly on the bed. John's big flashy smile is infectious, causing everyone around him to grin ear to ear when he does. His first time nerves may have been bubbling under the surface, but his boy next door charm and confidence subdued them and he was all pro for his debut. Dieter was showing off his topping skills for the first time on camera and I was anxious to see how he would perform. He took two big dicks like a champ in his debut scene, Bareback Tag Team, so it's always fun to see a model on the other side of the screw.

John worked out of his jeans and Dieter out of his gym shorts to reveal they were both going commando. Sexy. They continued kissing loudly and passionately while they fondled each other's cocks and stripped out of shirts. John plopped Dieter's hardening dick in his mouth first. This kid looked to have some serious cock sucking skills. That long tongue circled the head of Dieter's cut cock and Dieter exhaled with pleasure. Watching pale John suck that big brown shaft was hot. The difference in pigment was totally turning me on. Didn't hurt that the face attached to that mouth was incredibly sexy. And hearing Dieter's cries of enjoyment only heightened my interest.

Dieter got his bottom on his back and tossed his legs sky high. John's beautiful asshole was shaved and ready for the rimming. He smiled that megawatt smile as Dieter dove into his hole, tongue first. Dieter took his time eating John's tight ass. He squeezed his butt cheeks and kissed and nibbled all around the area in addition to licking and tongue fucking his actual ass. John was in ecstasy. They moaned together. Dieter's tatted fingers spanked John's milky white butt.

Once Dieter's mouth had sufficiently wet and opened John's hole, it was time to get his throbbing manhood in there. He lubed his raging hardon with SPUNK and slid it in bareback. John nodded that it felt good and to signal he could handle deeper penetration. Dieter entered him fully and began rocking his hips rhythmically. John was all into it, gasping and whimpering in delight. He cried out every time Dieter thrust into him and it only made Dieter want to keep fucking him harder.

They moved into doggie style and really went at it raw. John's delicious ass cheeks rippled with each hump Dieter made. Both of them were exceeding my hopes and expectations in their respective positions. Dieter was a solid dominant top, owning John's eager to please bottom. And they maintaned the heightened level of passion as they went, which can sometimes be hard to accomplish. Definitely into each other, definitely into the condom free fuck, definitely both loving the feel of the other person's body engaging with their own.

I realized I hadn't seen Dieter suck John's fat uncut cock at the beginning of the scene, so we took a quick break for some more hot oral. Damn, John's dick was a mouthful! But Dieter handled it well, swallowing it down as far as he could, jerking it while he sucked. Then it was back to fucking and I couldn't be more thrilled. Watching these two studs literally connect was so fucking hot.

John got on his back, Dieter holding one of his legs up, drilling his ass with his steel boner. John's big balls flopped as Dieter railed into him. Their bodies fit together so damn perfectly. They both gulped for breaths and panted their pleasure now. Dieter gave John the deep raw dicking he so desperately needed.

It was finally time for cumshots and the guys were more than ready to blow their loads. Dieter helped John get there by fingering his used hole as he jerked wildly. He blasted a hot nut all over Dieter's tatted chest, much to Dieter's delight. The cum just kept coming! Then Dieter took his turn, beating his meat over top of John's face. He was dying to paint that handsome mug and that's exactly what he did. Thick ribbons of jizz plastered John's lips, chin and cheek as he smiled through the mess. They gave each other a tender farewell kiss that got my dick rock hard all over again and I knew we had a steamy scene that showed well for both of them on our hands.

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