John Mack

One very tall and sexy drink of water, John Mack is the mack daddy of giant personalities and smiles. Look at that flashy grin, totally boy next door cute and beaming. He's a lean, smooth stud with an uncut cock rivaling his height. It's long, hefty, and ready to shoot loads of cum. He looks like he'd be a shy guy, but quite the opposite. John is full of energy and charisma, making him an incredible addition to GuyBone. And come on, we can always use another hot, slightly furry guy in glasses.

Ethnicity: White Height: 6'3''
Tribe: Twink, Guy Next Door, Geek, Jock, Otter Tattoos: No
Body Hair: Moderate Facial Hair: None
Dick: Uncut Dick Size: 8''
Position: Versatile Piercings: No

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