John Mack

John Mack

One very tall and sexy drink of water, John Mack is the mack daddy of giant personalities and smiles. Look at that flashy grin, totally boy next door cute and beaming. He's a lean, smooth stud with an uncut cock rivaling his height.

Mason Dane

Mason Dane

Beyond cute. Incredibly coy. Mason Dane is a super twink, complete with boyish charm, a smooth and tight body, and a girthy cut cock that packs a wallop.


John and Mason Flip

Fuuuck. John and Mason totally have that big bro, little bro vibe going on. Similar looks, glasses, bodies. They started the scene in their near matching boxer briefs and spectacles. They lost both pretty quickly and showed off the equally impressive hardons they'd been concealing. They took turns swallowing each other's stiff cocks and I was beside myself at how insanely hot the two of them were together. So insanely hot, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

With a swift, hard spank of his ass, John showed Mason who was in charge of the scene. Big bro was letting little bro service him and then he would show him a good time in return. Mason's young tongue danced along the shaft of John's uncut cock, teasing and kissing it. He wet a finger and slid it into John's ass while he blew him. Very much little bro getting to experiment with big bro's body. Wanting to make him happy. Wanting to impress him.

The size and firmness of John's cock was pretty good indication that Mason was doing the job well. Still, John wanted to show Mason how fantastic it all could feel, so the older guy with more notches in his bedpost slid down and started sucking his younger costar's cock. Mason's dick thickened and throbbed, his bountiful balls begging to be nibbled on.

John smacked Mason's steel erection against his tight, flat tummy and then pulled out a condom. He rolled it onto Mason's boner with his mouth, driving his young costar wild. They lubed up with SPUNK and John sat on Mason's shaft, slowly easing it into his ass. He was letting little bro have his turn first, then he'd show him exactly how good it could be when they flipped.

Mason was a horny young buck, raging hard and wanting to fuck fast and deep. He thrust it into John's ass with no remorse. John cried out how big Mason's dick was but never stopped him from fucking as hard as he wanted to. They kissed, they slowed down to a sexy screw, then Mason got on top of John and drilled down into that perfect, athletic ass.

Mason was big balls deep inside big bro John, who pulled his costar as close as possible, wanting to feel every inch of his young, sunken rod. In his prime, the young lad was ridiculously hard and knew nothing but that he needed to fuck. And he did, very successfully. Then they traded places and John tried getting his giant curved cock inside Mason, but it was too big. He loosened him up with a finger first. Then a couple. Mason was falling into his submissive bottom role quite well and dominant John emerged completely, ready to own his little bro's hole.

Slicked with spit and lube, John's sheathed cock slid into Mason's beyond tight boy hole slowly but surely. Mason moaned and John calmed him. They added more lube and Mason hopped on John's lap, sitting on that fat cock all the way. John pushed him down, thrusting fully inside him. Mason's cries were total ecstasy. I've never seen a bottom SO into it before. He was on a different, higher plane, experiencing something very grand and erotic. John continued to give him the dick because he was loving it with every fiber of his being.

He also directed his little bro, telling him when to move into which position and where to place his hands. That dominance was utterly intoxicating. I loved hearing John instruct Mason on how to have better, more enjoyable sex. John's gigantic curved cock looked like it would destroy Mason's delicate butt, but the young buck took it and loved it. They worked incredibly well together. Especially when they both turned to their sides and screwed in the spooning position.

This was obviously feeling the best for them because they would both climax in this position. John took his dick out and popped those long fingers back in, ferociously rubbing Mason's G-Spot. He told his little bro how much he wanted to see him cum all over and Mason obliged, shooting a hot, white, creamy load onto his happy trail and smooth stomach. Then he got the sex shivers and they didn't go away until long after the camera stopped rolling. Like I said, a different, higher plane.

Then John rewarded his younger costar with a splattering of jizz across his chest and navel. Mason orgasmed again, vocally, as John emptied his heavy nuts onto his smooth body. The pair panted and gasped for air, bodies quivering, as they kissed one final time and (in my mind) cleaned up and dressed before their folks got home.

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