John Mack

John Mack

One very tall and sexy drink of water, John Mack is the mack daddy of giant personalities and smiles. Look at that flashy grin, totally boy next door cute and beaming. He's a lean, smooth stud with an uncut cock rivaling his height.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


John Tops Zeus Raw

Zeus and John were a very sexy pairing. Clean cut guys with rock hard cocks and uber amounts of passion and kink. Tenting in their trousers and giving all kinds of good attention to each other's bodies, Zeus was the first to take John's cock out. His uncut wonder throbbed and flopped around as it stiffened to its max potential. He slapped it against Zeus' wet tongue and let his cute costar do the rest. It was obvious from the start that these two had a wild chemistry. So much so, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Zeus is a pro cocksucker. He slurps and gulps with the best of them, thoroughly wetting his subject, using hands when necessary, but also able to successfully suck hands free. He devoured John's thick dick, paying special attention to his all natural foreskin. Zeus himself had been uncut at one time, but was now circumsised and enjoying a whole new world of sensations. A brand new dick will do that to ya.

Their kissing was a hot mashup of sensual and scintillating. Little bit of lip smacking, nibbling, pulling. A whole lot of hotness. Zeus couldn't stay off John's hard cock. And who can blame him? It's beautiful, especially the way it curves perfectly down your throat. Zeus gobbled it down and then moved to John's big balls and hairy asshole. His tongue worked its magic between John's butt cheeks. I love seeing a bottom rim a top even though no dick is going there that scene.

John was sure to repay the oral favor. He laid back on the bed while Zeus loomed over him, feeding him his stiff, newly cut cock. His dark, furry nuts were drawn tight, excited and horny. He helped John's head move and played with his handsome hair. John's raging hardon rubbed against Zeus' hairy thigh. They were both so fucking ready to screw. But I'm a sucker for some sucking, so I was in no rush to skip the slob jobs.

But, they were ready for the raw fucking, so who was I to hold them back? Zeus sat on top of John, opening his furry ass for the hung top. John fingered and spanked him and made note of the difficulty they might have fitting his big cock inside Zeus' tight hole. It was a challenge for sure, but one that John met cock head on. The tighter and more shy Zeus got, the harder John's dick throbbed and the more determined he was to squeeze in there.

He managed to fit it in, and Zeus rode him for a bit. Zeus was all moans and cries but listened when John directed him on how to relax. It had obviously been a while since Zeus had felt that big of a boner inside him. He began bouncing on John's massive schlong, feeling the bareback beauty of it plunging deep into his gut. When John needed a position that gave him more control, he flipped Zeus onto his back and entered him missionary, his legs held to the heavens.

Zeus was a champ, braving that big dick balls deep the way he was. He'd bellow at first, every time, but then loosen up and let John have his hole. Their banter was sexy and their sex brut. Two dudes absolutely ravishing one another. John slapped Zeus and called him a slut. He rolled him over into doggy style and annihilated his ass. Zeus bit the pillow as his butt got banged. John kept his glasses on the majority of the scene and I loved seeing the chic geek serve up some serious domination.

Even though they'd lubed up with plenty of SPUNK, John added some of his spit to the mix and it seemed to do the trick on Zeus' ever-tightening hole. He held Zeus' arm behind his back as he nailed his behind. They'd finally found a rhythm and John plowed Zeus hardcore. They got back into their first seated position so John could really rail Zeus' ass. His heavy nuts slammed against Zeus' furry butt cheeks as he bareback fucked him. Zeus had definitely gotten comfortable by now. His moans had turned from pain to pleasure and he invited John's behemoth rod as deep as it would go.

Then they were at the edge of the bed, John standing to deliver on helluva deep dicking. Zeus would test him with a smart mouth or by squirming away on the bed and John would always correct him and punish him with his stiff prick. His toned jock body looked dynamite as he fucked his furry little fuck toy. The satisfying screw got Zeus to his ultimate pleasure zone and he came all down the side of the bed while John was buried balls deep within him. Fucking hot. Literally had the cum fucked out of him.

John wanted to paint Zeus' face with his seed, a true sign of ownership. He jerked his cock until he came and Zeus was ready to catch his nut with his mug. John shot a hot load of milky jizz all over Zeus' pretty boy face and it ran down the sides like hot, salty tears. He rubbed his still-dripping dick across the pools of cum on Zeus' face and they were both satisfied with the hot screw they'd had.

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