Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon

Buff, British babe Drew Dixon came across the pond to film some porn with us and we couldn't be more thrilled! He's hairy, hot and ohhh, sooo horny! Ripped for days, packing a handsome uncut cock and an ass you can do anything with, he's versatile and a total pleasure seeker.

Michael Phoenix

Michael Phoenix

Michael Phoenix is an artist. He's creative and charismatic, a playful pro with a crystal clear vision of what he wants. He's a solid, sexy package of furriness, ink and piercings, each with a fascinating story to accompany it.


Michael Tops Drew Raw

Drew was ready to make a splash his first time filming with GuyBone. And Michael was more than ready to get wet with him. They kicked back on the couch in their gym shorts, making out and playing handsy. Their facial scruff rubbed together and their nylon bottoms tented with the excitement of an impending sexcapade. Drew's backwards cap gave him a baller, bro look and Michael's inked sleeves were sexy as hell. They were both pierced here and there, adding to their semi bad boy charm. Bad or not, they were about to have a very good time.

They shared a chuckle as they both tugged on Michael's big package, ready to burst just below the seams of his shorts. Drew's British accent was drool worthy and I loved every time he cracked a joke or spoke, period. His mouth got too full to speak much, though, as he took Michael's hung dong from his shorts and plopped it between his lips. He salivated all over his shaft and gagged when it went a tad too far down his throat. They kissed more and Michael pulled off Drew's shorts to reveal a handsome, uncut cock and a pair of the loosest balls I've ever seen. Michael devoured his low hangers and moved to his sweet, hairy hole.

Michael has a split tongue which is hot as fuck on him. Although you can't see it in this scene, Drew's moaning makes it clear that he loved it inside his ass. Once Michael had sufficiently soaked Drew's hole, he slid his raw cock inside and began gently fucking. Drew's cock swelled up to the max as he felt Michael's full manhood filling his butt. Legs in the air, Drew opened his ass to Michael, who gladly stuffed it balls deep with his solid shaft.

Michael wondered if he could carry Drew to the bed, his cock stuck completely in his hole. Sure as shit, he could. He transported Drew from couch to comforter, all the while keeping his dick securely inside. Catch my cameo in the window reflection haha. Once they were on the bed, dick nowhere near being broken, Michael resumed thrusting, his balls kissing Drew's butt cheeks with every hump. His prick picked up the pace and he was fucking Drew rapidly, rabidly. Two animals in heat, screwing bareback without man made sensation blockers.

Drew turned over into doggie and slapped his sloppy hole, inviting Michael to enter again. Michael told him to back up onto it, and Drew did, beautifully bouncing himself on that fuck stick. These two looked hot as fuck putting their bodies together. Michael's raging hardon slammed into Drew's delicious ass, creating one very tantalizing beast with two backs.

They took a tiny break from boning so Drew could blow Michael one more time. Who can blame him for wanting to get his lips around that pole once more? He sat atop his top, licking and teasing his nipple. Drew's ass was spread, his tasty hole looking like a tempting treat in a display window. Michael's cock pulsed and bucked as his bottom's talented mouth made its way down his hairy body. It was hardening again, readying for the ride Drew was about to take on it. Slobbering all over that stiff shaft and then sitting on it, Drew was just as ready for the ride as Michael's rod. His big dick disappeared inside Drew's ass and then reappeared as Drew fucked himself on Michael's towering torpedo. Drew was equally erect, jerking his dick and letting those loose nuts flop as Michael fucked him. Drew's stretched hole engulfed Michael's boner and as he turned to ride facing him, I got one helluva sexcellent view.

For the finale, they stood doggie over the edge of the bed, Michael ramming Drew from behind. Drew beat his uncut meat until he came, dumping ribbons of jizz toward me, underneath them. Perk of the job, getting covered in cum. He bellowed in ecstasy, shooting so much seed. Michael never stopped hitting his prostate, rather asking if he could still take it. Of course, Drew said yes, breed his ass and load him up. Michael did as instructed, seconds later, blasting Drew's guts full of his hot, sticky cum. He pulled out when he finished orgasming and marveled as Drew pushed out his load. He'd have stuck it back in again, but his dick head was too sensitive, so they shared a final laugh and called it a wrap. That's one fucking fantastic way to make a debut, Drew! Thanks for the incredible scene, boys!

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