Brayden Wolf

Brayden Wolf

Fucking A. Brayden is too damn sexy! I found him doing a webcam show and recruited him immediately.



Dakota is a straight dude who does gay for pay. Slightly worried sex with dudes will ruin sex with chicks for him, he's set some rules for filming. He'll only bottom and only do the sucking.


Raw Gutter Fuck

Dakota and Brayden are two straight, or bi-curious (or whatever label you wanna give them) guys who found each other on a DL sex app and decided to meet in person. They soon discovered they had more in common than their nearly identical sneakers and hung cocks. They both had an appetite for bareback back alley boning and decided to get their raw fuck on right there where anyone could have walked up on them. But they're not gonna kiss, cause you know, that might just cross a comfortability line.

Who knows why they couldn't meet up at home. Maybe their girlfriends were there, maybe they have bro roommates, maybe they just didn't want the other one to know where they lived. Regardless, public play is pretty hot, and both guys were cool meeting up in a less than desirable locale to get down to the business of butt fucking. Brayden led Dakota behind a wall and found a reasonably discreet spot to start exploring each other's bodies. The sun shone down on their fit physiques as they began manhandling the front of their counterpart's pants.

Brayden slid his shorts down so Dakota could get a handful of his swollen cock through those blue boxer briefs. They'd suddenly gotten very tight and he needed Dakota to release his pulsating prick from its cotton prison. Brayden had his hand completely inside Dakota's gym shorts, rubbing his cut cock and big balls from behind the fabric barrier. Their faces were fixed, intently working away at the task at hand… handys.

Boys and their toys, am I right? Dakota pulled Brayden's impressive boner out of his underwear and continued feeling him up. He pushed his own shorts to his ankles and let Brayden grab a handful of his loose nuts. Brayden asked if Dakota wanted it and without needing to answer, Dakota dropped to a squat and started sucking that raging hardon. Brayden's big balls draped over the waistband of his underwear and his thick, meaty cock played a disappearing trick down Dakota's throat. Looking like it might have been his first blowjob, Dakota played with Brayden's boner like the curious guy he was, also seeming a tad afraid of it at times. The prospect of taking it up his ass was probably as intense as it was exciting. He didn't shy away much, though. Cause honestly, with a dick that handsome in your face, how could you not devour it?

Brayden face fucked Dakota for a second, but the poor inexperienced sucker gagged and grinned off the idea. So Brayden decided to show his new friend how to suck dick proper. He pushed him against the wall and put his dick between his lips. Dakota's head fell back in instant gratification and the better blowjob had begun.

Brayden may not have given more blowjobs in his day, but he was certainly hungrier for cock in his mouth. Later, we'd learn Dakota preferred it in his ass. Brayden deepthroated Dakota's fat dick and kept his own cock stiff by stroking it down below. The blood pumped fast to Dakota's dick, throbbing and chubbing up to full potential. His dick was just as impressive as Brayden's and it was ridiculously hot to see them both hard and horny for each other. Brayden gave some oral attention to Dakota's low hanging nuts and then with a “fuck, I want that ass,” they were moving to the next stage of their sexperiment.

Dakota tossed aside his shorts and tucked his shirt over his head to expose his shaved, sexy chest. He assumed doggy position and presented his pristine pucker to Brayden for the tasting. The top obliged and licked and nibbled and sucked on Dakota's hole while opening his own shirt to reveal a furry, toned torso. He pulled out a travel bottle of lube and fingered the bottom's hole and readied his rod for the raw fucking.

He tossed his dick in and began thrusting. His cock completely filled Dakota's hole and the two matched each other's rhythms pretty quickly. Moans and groans abounded and Brayden took what Dakota was offering right there in the gutter, on top of ratty old cushions, amidst the litter and weeds.

He repeatedly buried his bare bone in Dakota's butt, checking over his shoulder for lookie-loo's. They never got totally naked. They kept their matching sneakers on in the event someone stumbled upon their secret sex. Always have an exit strategy. It was hot and impulsive. Brayden continued fucking Dakota in doggy until he sensed his bottom needed a new position. He told him to stand up and Dakota leaned against the wall to get a good upright fucking.

Brayden rammed his dick into Dakota's juicy ass so good, the bottom's own rock hard cock was helicoptering around with the motion of the fucking. Brayden gave Dakota a reach around when he wasn't busy pulling his hips and shoulders toward him to bury his hot cock even deeper inside. Dakota loved the deep dicking so much he gritted out “fuck that ass” and “put that shit back in” when Brayden's fat cock fell out. That's a bossy bottom who knows how good he's getting it and just wants more. Insatiable and we can't blame him.

As they resumed doggy on the dirty cushions, Brayden's own manly asshole spread open just enough to tease. His big balls pummeled Dakota's taint as he fucked him relentlessly. Dakota's ass cheeks rippled with every smack from Brayden's groin. When they couldn't hold back their loads anymore, they stood facing each other, matching toe to toe, and jerked their dicks furiously. Brayden was first to bust, no surprise since he'd been fucking on edge the entire time. His athletic calves flexed and he shot his nut all over his stomach and made it rain cum down onto Dakota's dick. Dakota used that semen as lube to get his own cock off. He followed shortly after Brayden by blasting his bro load all over Brayden's pubes and still hard shaft. They milked the remaining boy batter from their big dicks, massaging each other's jizz into their own shaft skin. They never got caught fucking outdoors, but the thrill of potential danger was exactly what these two curious guys needed to enhance their hookup.

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